Conan Reviews “Resident Evil 6”


“Some kind of pasta is coming out of his arm!”

“All this guy needs to defeat him is tartar sauce!”

BAHAHAHA. Holy crap. The thing I love about Conan is his absolute clueless-ass-self gives him this hilarious, brutally honest and — dare I say — legitimate outsider’s look on video games.

I know I’ve said this a million and a half times, but I liked Resident Evil 6. I really did. Sure, things got a bit wonky when Capcom tried to go all Gears of War with Chris’ campaign, and sure, Ada’s co-op was half-assed, but I think some cool things were done with Jake’s story and Leon’s campaign was the epitome of what I’d like to see in future Resident Evil installations.

From the sounds of it, the next installation should be much more Leon-y. FINGERS AND ALL BODY PARTS CROSSED.


  1. when Conan said “if he only spent a little less time leather jacket shopping and more time coming up with a another move.” I laughed super hard. Conan’s obsession with the lameness of just giving a thumbs up. I love the Clueless gamer reviews.

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