Commander Shepard: A Dramatic Reading‏

Jennifer Hale is a badass among badassess. I seriously could listen to her read names out of a phone book.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Badass HaleMcGee a few times during my short duration on this floating rock in outside space. Both times I’ve humiliated myself because uh it’s Commander Shepard and Commander Shepard has done romance scenes with Kaidan Alenko and I have not.

J Hale
“I’m jealous of all of those romance scenes you did with Kaidan.” I shit you not, that’s what I said.
J hale 2
Ah, the first time we embraced. (HAHA THAT SOUNDS SO CREEPY ;___;) I don’t quite remember what I said to her here because I was completely hungover. Which I made sure to point out to her the second time we took a photo together. I told her how hungover I was the last time we met. Which was in this picture. MAKES SENSE?!

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