Comic: Why You Should Never Buy At Launch

buy at launch

Haha, ain’t that the truth?!

I, for one, have always been a day-one console buyer. And by “always” I mean since the era of the Wii U, because when the last round of consoles came about I was only 18 and not making a whole lot of money. So, erm, yeah. I guess I should say my parents and family members were often the “day-one” console purchasers. And by “day one” I mean they were purchasers within the 90-day launch window.  WHY DO I NEED TO CLARIFY EVERYTHING FOR YOU?!

But I love the thrill of a console launch, and now that I’m self-sustained I absolutely plan on being in line for the PS4 and Xbox  720 — er, the Xbox One. Sure I’ll get screwed down the line by some “ULTRA SLIM FAST ZING-A-LING MODEL WOOO!!!!” But that’s okay — it’ll just be another console I can place on my shelf. <3.


Because clearly I still have so much room.



  1. I am in the same boat. Haha. I have to admit my Wii U was about a week late. I work to much to make it through day one lines apparently now that I’m also self-sustained.

  2. I’ve been I day 1 purchaser since the sega genesis ( or mega drive if your like me and live in the Southern Hemisphere ) yes that was a long time ago and I had to do a lot of paper runs to be able to afford it. But recently I went back to university and have been unable to work and probably won’t be able to afford a next gen console on day 1. This grinds my gears, but I’m kinda glad though that most of the next gen games are also going To be available on current gen.

    • Yeah, that’s a great point! I don’t think you’ll be too cock-blocked. Good luck with school!

  3. I’ve never bought a console on day 1, the closest was probably the PS3, which I got in that 90 day launch window. But I’m definitely planning on buying a PS4 day, not so sure about XBOX One yet.

  4. The only console I’ve bought on day one was the dreamcast….well actually, that was a day two buy.

  5. The only system I’ve bought at launch is the Nintendo 3DS, and I’m pretty sure everybody who bought that at launch regrets it. It had a major price drop not even six months later, and a new version of hardware after about a year. I don’t know if the experience has soured me on ever buying another system at launch, but it definitely has made me wary of doing so.

    • Yeah, that sucks. I remember when I bought my fat PS3 I had been holding off for a slim version, and I think it was no more than two or so weeks later a slim model was announced. Asshats. <3

  6. Yes I was very upset when they started selling The Board with the game Chess bundled with it rather than Checkers.

    New The Board had a more stylish black and white motif rather than the garish original black and red. And the pack in game had more replayability too.

  7. Considering how often I’ve seen prople post about their day-1 or near day-1 console purchase regrets, or the mass dissappointment in the consoles themselves, I don’t see myself every buying that early. I don’t think I purchased the PS3 or 360 until at least a year or two after launch. Most of the bugs had been worked out by that time. I’m not an early adopter for tech that I can’t tweak, modify or fix myself.

    • Totally makes sense. I know how much of a pain it was (seeing as I’ve only bought a Wii U on day one) to deal with day-one loading times, and everything else.

  8. I would trade my left nut to have half of those systems on your shelf ( but thats besides the point lol). I would love to get the PS4 on day one but i dont want the glitches or lags from it all. Not saying i wont atleast try to buy it but i have a feeling like any good software/operating system that it will have its problems especially once the servers get overloaded for the first time within the first 12 hours of the launch, but if i do buy it first day I will more then likely get it from where i work and wont have to wait in line to long for but have to deal with all the people who will be waiting in line to get it that day. Joy not/and sorta am looking forward to November.

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