Combat of Dragon Age: Inquisition


Hi! My name is Brittney and I really, really want Dragon Age: Inquisition on my mouth. And pretty much in every orifice on my body. Take that as you will.

I won’t kick an already brutally-punched-and-kicked-to-death horse during this post and proclaim my undying love and excite levels for Dragon Age: Inquisition from atop of my blog mountain, but I will and I must scold those who hail from the anonymity of the internet. For more clarification AND if you feel like looking at stupidity, check out some of the comments on YouTube.

Like, calm your tits people. This is pre-alpha footage, and to make bold proclamations about how “BioWare has sold its soul!”, “All the talent has already left!” and, of course, “This game is going to be shit!!11” is just ridiculous. Calm those big ol’ flappin’ titties and effin’ chill. If you don’t like the direction the combat looks to be going in, okay, I can totally respect that. But stop being drama queens and wait until some legitimate gameplay is shown before you pretend to be Nostradamus and spew hate all of the interwebs. HNGHHHHHH. Oh. That logic goes for ALL other games out there, not just Dragon Age: Inquisition.



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  1. I like the way you worded that. I am a video game designer myself I own my own indie company. Love your page :)


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