Classic Gaming Remakes

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Today I wanted to talk about classic gaming remakes.  I for one love classic games.  There is something about classic gaming that current gen stuff just can’t give me.  Maybe it was the fact that I was younger and didn’t know any better, but I just remember having a greater experience when playing older games.  Now that we have all this high tech gaming hardware, I would love to see all my of my favorite, classic games remade for those high tech systems.  There’s only one problem, remakes can either be really good, or be really bad.

Want an example of a bad remake?  Super Mario 64 DS.  Now to be fair, this wasn’t a horrible remake, many people actually really enjoyed this game.  However, one small thing ruined the entire remake for me: The controls.  Remember the N64 controller?  Ya, the ugly 3 pronged thing that most people hated.  Well the one thing that the N64 controller had on it that was perfect for Super Mario 64 was an analog joystick.  There is no such joystick on the Nintendo DS, so controlling Mario in that game was difficult, at best (at least for me).  Some people actually enjoyed using the ‘virtual joystick’ but I really couldn’t get used to it.  Although this game sold VERY well, and did add a lot of new features/content, I just could not get over the controls.

So what do I think is a good remake?  Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.  Wow, what an amazing masterpiece this remake is. Honestly, this should be how every single remake is done.  Vastly improved graphics, new game mechanics, solid controls and the addition of new modes (Master Quest) make this the best edition of LOZ: OOT by far.  I really can’t think of a single bad thing to say about this remake.  Perhaps I am a bit biased because this was one of my favorite games on the N64, but when you add replay-ability to a game that I have played the heck out of, you definitely deserve my money!

So what game do I really want to see remade properly?  Final Fantasy 7 of course!  A LOT of people want this game remade and I really can’t blame them.  So many people want this game remade, that people believe it is only a matter of time before it happens.  The original FF7 was amazing and I really hope they do a proper remake (hint hint LOZ:OOT 3D), as this game truly deserves it.  Ya, I know they released a ‘updated’ version of FF7 for the PS4 but this is not really a full remake.  They simply gave the original game a face lift.  I want new modes, I want new graphics and I want them now!  Ok, maybe not RIGHT now, but I really hope they remake this one soon and give it the proper love it deserves.

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