Children: You’re Doing It Right

I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that the thought of having children anytime soon makes my ovaries shrivel into raisins and involuntarily makes my uterus barf on itself.

Despite all of that I am able to appreciate a cute kid when I see one, but unfortunately, it takes a lot for me to look past a child’s snotty, crusty face. However let’s say you dress your kid up in Link cosplay. Then I MAY be able to make an exception.

And I’ll totally make an exception for this little dude.

Hmm. Now see, even though this kid is adorable and a half, this last picture starts the ovaries-to-raisins transformation. He looks…whiny. Like he’s about to scream and start wailing. Eeengh.


Let’s all release a collective “DAWWWWWW'”.

Check out the deviantart for more pics!


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