Can’t Kill Progress Is Square Enix’s New Game. Or Something.

can't kill progress

If you head over to Square Enix’s Twitch right now you’ll see a dude in a room, via surveillance, looking quite miserable. As of the time of this writing, as of right this second, he’s walking around aimlessly. SO EXCITING. (I mean, there really ain’t nowhere for him to go in such a small room.) Also, if you look below the main feed, you’ll see links to “Encrypted Files” on instagram that have “leaked.” Weird stuff, right?

All of this is to reveal their next game, which is possibly called Can’t Kill Progress. Or something. I’m not sure if that’s a working title or what, but in any case, this extended tease started yesterday and will come to an end on Wednesday morning.

Some are saying it’ll be Deus Ex, I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna be a prison simulator. >:D

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