Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leaked/Revealed

Leaked, revealed…eh, at this point it’s all the same.

So, like, okay, this is what, like, totally happened. Destructoid came into possession of these, like, screenshots and a trailer and stuff and subsequently learned the next Call of Duty was TOTALLY called Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Then, OMG, Sledgehammer/Activision were all, “Holy crap we’ve been outed!” so they SO officially revealed the game.

Okay, sorry. Enough of that. According to Destructoid, Advanced Warfare focuses “on a private military company (helmed by a character portrayed by Kevin Spacey) that has turned on the US government.” and the plot “revolves around a solider of fortune group run by Spacey’s character that has turned on the United States government.” 

Kevin Spacey. Futuristic warfare. Invincibility cloaks. Exosuits. Guns. November 4, 2014.

Amazon now has the game listed for every console EXCEPT Wii U.

 SO! Whatchu’ think? I think it looks interesting enough for a campaign run. I haven’t done a CoD campaign in YEARS. I should probably get caught up…


  1. I’m gonna file this as a giant MEH. This last year finally was enough for me to say no more to the treadmill of factory game titles, CoD in particular. It says something about how threatened they are from Titanfall that this game is basically going to rip off every mechanic that TF innovated. As if its the mechanic that makes the game, and no good design/execution and innovation.

    It felt surprisingly good skipping the last AC after years of buying it year after year. Ubi burnt that bridge with me after AC3 blew, and now ATVI can go to hell if they think I’m just going to buy another CoD game with no real innovation in it.

    I really like what Respawn is doing in terms of releasing something solid and focused, then spending 6-10 months adding full features and FREE content to polish it out. Which reminds me of the other reason I won’t get the new CoD. The microtransaction BS is getting COMPLETELY out of hand. They throw balance and good play to the wind so they can sell a new $2 gun or add a ton of esports changes that only effect 0.01% of their playerbase. Its like a slobberfest over MLG the last 3 months at IW/ATVI. Just look at the shit their community managers tweet constantly. NONE of it has to do with anything other than MLG stuff. No actual community engagement to the common guy who just wants to shoot some people after he gets home from work.

  2. I would not expect Kevin Spacey to do a role in a CoD game. I’ll probably buy the game just to see what that character is like.

    Maybe that’s the only thing keeping the franchise afloat at this point. “We need some legitimacy, get a big name actor in here!”

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