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Uncharted 2 Premiere Recap
October 8th, 2009

Getting the Pass:

So where exactly did I get my copy of Uncharted 2? Through an ad on craigslist last week titled as “Console Study for Gamers”. At first, I ignored it and figured it was most likely a scam. A few days later I came across it again and decided I would at least take a look at it. The study wanted to know which consoles you owned, your favorite genres, etc. At the bottom, the ad said that qualified participants would be receiving a copy of a “game that will release later this year”. Okaaay now it had my attention. I filled it out, submitted, and didn’t really think too much about it.

Lo and behold, I received a call a few days later. The woman who called asked a couple more questions. One being “What is your favorite Action/Adventure title you’ve played this year?” Without skipping a beat, I said Uncharted and listed off numerous reasons. With a hint of a smile in her voice, she said “So I bet you’re pretty excited for Uncharted 2?” Hell yes, I told her. She then said she’d like to invite me to an event on October 5th, that she couldn’t tell me which game it was and that the invitation will be sent via email in a few days.

I received the invite, and practically shit my pants when I saw the image of Nathan Drake grasping onto a platform with one hand dangling above a certain death with the words “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Exclusive Sneak Peak, SCEA VIP Big Screen Preview” plastered across it.


A Silly Question ,Good Food, and Getting Underway

Fast forward to Monday. We were told to be at the theatre by 5:00 pm for a “Gaming Study”. Apparently, Naughty Dog and Sony’s idea of a gaming study is to feed you tasty food and give away free swag, because there was never an actual study. Fine with me!

Anyway, there was a little table with an Uncharted 2 banner sitting in front of the main theatre lobby. I was the second person there so I began talking to first guy. A few other guys showed up and it turns we all went to PAX, so it was really nice to have people to talk to…especially because nothing got going until 5:45. By that time, a line of about 50 or so people had formed behind us. Sony staff finally showed up and had each person come over to the table. There, you had to show your ID, your invitation, sign some sort of disclosure notice (didn’t pay attention to that. No bueno?) and get a wrist band if you wished to participate in the tournament.

Girl treatment #1: So I walk over to the woman that is checking ID’s and invitations. As I approach her, she looks up at me and with a sweet smile says: “Are you a gamer?” I needed a double take, so I told her I didn’t hear her. She smiles again and goes “Are you a gamer?” There were probably a million things I could have said but I just muttered a yes.

Moving on, I was then asked if I wanted to participate in the tournament. Hellz yeah I did! Since I was one of the first people in line, I was made a team captain, which really only meant I had to hold a sign that said TEAM MARCO, but it guaranteed I would be able to play on the big screen.

After registration was complete, we were ushered to the hallway where we would enter theatre 4 and begin the premiere. However the theatre wasn’t ready yet, so we all hung out towards the back of the hall where a mini buffet line was set up. Mini burgers, chicken skewers, chips, artichoke/cheese dip, soup, chocolates, pop, water, juice, and other things I’m forgetting were all at your fingertips. We were here about 45 minutes before the theatre opened up and we were allowed to enter.

Jungle-like plants surrounded the entrance, followed by rope decorations and posters that lined the mini hallway inside. We found our seats, sat down and enjoyed a few trailers and some behind the scene clips on the big screen. Below, ten 40” Sony (GASP!) HDTV’s were propped up about 5 feet in front of the first row.

The Tournament

The MC welcomed and introduced us to a developer from Naughty Dog. I can’t remember his name…but anyway, he only talked for about 20 minutes. Next, another guy from Naughty Dog showed us a demo.

Panic Moment #1: After the demo, the MC began to explain the rules of the tournament. They were your basic rules, you know 10 teams of 5, there were 10 screens set up so 2 teams would go against each other at a time…blah blah blah…then he dropped the ball.

                 “There will be no invert option when it comes to the controls.”

Oh no. Did I hear that right? I’ve ONLY played on invert my entire life. Oh boy. And not only that, since I was a “team captain”, MY gameplay would be shown on the big screen for all to see.

I tried to tell myself that it would be fine, I could just adapt to regular controls. But when it was my teams turn to come down, I asked one of my teammates if he wanted to play on the big screen. He agreed, so some pressure was taken off of me. I found a TV and was ready to play, when…

Girl treatment #2: …when one of the tourney mods walked up to me (and only me, mind you) 10 seconds before the match started and asked “Do you know to shoot?” I turned to face him, staged a fake smile and said yes.

The setup: The first team to acquire 30 kills or the team with the most kills in 5 minutes wins. So the match gets underway. And right from the start I knew I was in trouble. For the life of me I couldn’t get the regular controls to become one with my mind and my camera was all OVER the place. It didn’t help that 40 people were watching and you were playing for prizes such as these:

1st place team: Fortune Hunter’s Edition

2nd place team: Signed copy by Naughty Dog of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

3rd place team: Signed poster by Naughty Dog

…let me just say it wasn’t a pretty sight. If your team was disqualified (as mine was) you had the opportunity to enter BACK into the tournament on another team. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to grasp the controls so I just said screw it and sat down…I was a little frustrated. Really? No inverted option? Ugh. But the rest of the tournament was a lot of fun to watch. 

Teh Raffles

Between matches, there were several raffles drawn for the following prizes:

1)      2 Blue Ray DVDs

2)      2 Blue Ray DVDs

3)      2 Blue Ray DVDs

4)      2 Blue Ray DVDs

5)      Limited Edition Controller

6)      Bluetooth Headset

7)      Bluetooth Headset

8)      PSPgo

Oh how I wanted that PSPgo. Actually, one of the players that won the tournament (therefore receiving the Fortune Hunter’s edition) was initially drawn for it, but she left the theatre early so she wasn’t able to claim the PSPgo. Buummmer.

After the final raffle for the PSPgo, we were dismissed and on the way out received our Uncharted 2 goody bag which included a poster, backpack, t-shirt and of course, the game.

It was a great event. I would post pictures, but I didn’t read that disclosure statement so I’m a lil’ uneasy…;)


Update – July 24th, 2012

I still get pangs of “OSHIT” when I think about having to play on the big screen a la no-fucking-invert option. God, that blew so hard.

Because of that event I still regularly check Craigslist for any secret squirrel events but I have yet to find another one — but s’all good, because if that is the only event I ever get into like that I WILL BE HAPPY BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING AND I GOT A COPY OF UNCHARTED 2 WAY BEFORE YOU DID NYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Also, lil’ did I know I’d end up with an Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter’s edition…but not for, like, free but for a lot of money.


  1. Lol, you wanted a PSPGo. XD

    I would’ve failed so hard on no invert, too. Regular is lameness personified.

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