Britt5091 Origins: PAX Day 1 Roundup

Welcome to Britt5091: Origins, where I dig up old blog posts I used to write for IGN’s community under the username Britt5091. Some posts may make you giggle, some may make your eyes bleed, and some may make you stroke your beard in a pensive manner. All you need to know is that these posts, no matter how terrible some of them may be, ultimately lead to everything I do now.

PAX: Day 1 Roundup

September 5th, 2009

Ahh wow. First of all, I am exhausted, delirious, and a little buzzed, so I will attempt to make this post as legit and readable as possible.

PAX is amazing. You all need to come next year. Now that that is out of the way…

I seriously felt like a kid in a candy shop. Everywhere I looked — games. Unreleased games, dev booths, free shit…well I guess that is kind of the point of a gaming convention, but deal with me, I’m a n00b.

Pictures explain better than words, so here we go.

A long line just to get in. Quite possibly the longest I’ve ever been in. These pictures don’t do it justice. So after we finished this line…

…they herd you off into another line. Another very long line.

I saw Mario and a few Ghostbusters.

Once I was finished wasting moments of my life in a stinky, sweaty line (you were right Brian) they lead you right into the main console/PC gaming area.

Unfortunately, I was only able to get my hands on three games today.

New Super Mario Bros Wii
I played through a level with a couple of 10 year olds. Of course, they took the concept of being able to HELP or DESTROY your teammates to heart. Did almost everything possible to destroy the old lady (me). Though playtime was short, I had a lot of fun with it. Stomping Goombas, kicking turtle shells, dropping down pipes, finding magic mushrooms=WIN. The controls are simple, and thankfully I only needed to waggle a few times. Ugh, waggling. When you die, you float around in a bubble until one of your teammates pop it. Of course, if you were playing with punks like I was, they tend to ignore you. Finally the nice staff at Nintendo informed me if I waggle, my bubble will ‘gravitate’ towards another player, thus forcing them to bump into it and release you. I’m pretty sure I’ll pick this up. (It was kind of funny before we started playing, the staff running the booth was like, “Okay, make sure you put your wrist straps on!” Right, because I’m going to waggle so hard trying to gravitate to my teammate I’m gonna bust a TV or break Momma’s fine china and sue you. Silly Nintendo covering their asses.)

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story
I waited in line almost an hour to play this. One, because it looks fun and I just bought a DS, and two they were giving out free beanies to all that played. I can’t say too much because I only had 10 minutes of play time, and since I had never played a Mario game on the DS, I had to figure out the RPG mechanics of it and whatnot (which are simple btw, I was just pressured by the stinky dude watching over my shoulder). But once I got it down and was having fun I got the little screen saying ‘This concludes our demo!’. ..of course. But hey I got my beanie.

Well, I know where I’ll be September 8th. This game was fun and addicting. I chose to play through the tutorial, which went through the fighting techniques and basic controls. There will be a learning curve for me when it comes to the fighting, as I tend to be a button masher and hope for the best. Most of the moves are different combinations of the A button and nunchuck analog (if you choose to play with the nunchuck, some pe



April 12, 2012

 ::shakes fist:: DAMN YOU IGN FOR CUTTING OFF MY BLOG POSTS!!! Now I will never know how I truly felt about my first videogame convention! But either way, one can tell I was a con-noob by the photos I took.

“OH HEY! Long line!” ::snap::

“OH! A Mario cosplayer! I better take a pic of that!” ::snap::


I remember feeling VERY overwhelmed. Like I said a million times, it was my very first game convention and I had no idea these were actual things “normal” people could attend (I know, I know. Lack of common sense fail). So you can imagine how it felt to be stuck in a convention center with thousands of my own kind, surrounded by with nerd-culturely things that make me happy. Yes, “culturely”.

Hopefully I’ll never have to wait in a line like that again!

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  1. I remember my first PAX like it was yesterday…

    I ran into this cool blonde nerd and we hung out a little bit at an IGN party. I had 13 rum and cokes and barely felt it the whole night. This one friend of hers had a surprising comeback victory over me in air hockey, but after that, I trashed the both of them in skeeball and made them my b*tches.

    480,000. BEAT THAT! ;)

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