Britt5091 Origins: My weekend in pictures

Welcome to Britt5091: Origins, where I dig up old blog posts I used to write for IGN’s community under the username Britt5091. Some posts may make you giggle, some may make your eyes bleed, and some may make you stroke your beard in a pensive manner. All you need to know is that these posts, no matter how terrible some of them may be, ultimately lead to everything I do now.

My weekend in pictures

August 31, 2009

I have been without teh internets since last Thursday, since I had to cancel Comcast due to moving. I feel as if I have been living in the dark ages, it’s kind of sad how dependent we are on cable. I was going to check out Craigslist for any garage sales, but waiiit no internet. There was a shooting 5 minutes away from me a few nights ago, and I wanted to check out the news to see if the freeway was still shut down but nooo, no cable.

Generally in situations like this I would have visited the U-Village (an outside mall a few blocks away) however the cost of moving to a new apartment has been taking a toll on my wallet. This in turn made me think I would be forced to spend the remaining weekend holed up in my soon-to-be vacated apartment gaming until Sunday.

Ha, I wish!

My dad and I re-lived an old tradition on Thursday (involving electric tennis rackets) and I bought myself a new toy, received free tickets to a Mariners game on Friday, Saturday I met with my new landlord and finished packing, spent all day Sunday moving, and tonight I’m going to the AC/DC concert.

Terminating Termites

I told my dad he looks like a ballerina

My dad and I always look forward to late August, as these little buggers come out of the woodworks (see what I did there?) and provide free entertainment. I have no clue how we even began swatting these guys or how the idea even came to us, but it’s a 10 year old tradition. At first we were only using regular tennis rackets, but upon my discovery of electrified ones a few years back, we amped it up (man I am on a roll today).

My new toy!

I had a little too much tequila, and before I knew it I was a proud owner! I’m really digging it so far. More details later!


I don’t think words are needed here. Bottom line: I never knew I had so much shit.

Mariners Game

Besides the winning ball game, these folks provided for cheap entertainment as well. See, in Safeco Field, if your Mariners spirit is considered the most robust, you win Rally Fries! So, these women were dressed in fly costumes and held signs that said “Rally Fries for Rally Flies?”. Cute. Well, these guys approached them late in the game, got their phone numbers and proceeded to wear some of their clothes and take pictures. And I have no clue what that guy is doing to his crotch.

Sorry to keep it so brief, but I have to finish unpacking the kajillions of boxes that I swear are staring at me, then get ready for the concert. Plus I’m jacking the neighbors Wi-Fi as Comcast isn’t coming until later this week.

I haven’t been able to keep up on the latest and greatest in the gaming world. I need to sit down and catch up…but that won’t happen anytime soon.  Have I missed anything? Any ground breaking announcements? 360 Slim? Wii HD?



April 4th, 2012

BAAHOMG I *hate* moving! Seeing those photos above of the boxes taking over my old living room…GYAAAAH!!! God, that apartment was a piece of shit. I’m so happy I’m not living there anymore. ^___^

I love the last sentence of this post — “Have I missed anything? Any ground breaking announcements? 360 Slim? Wii HD?” — because now those are things that have happened and/or are happening. I now own a 360 slim and the Wii U is essentially the Wii HD, which releases later this year.

(Oh, bee-tee-dub,  you need to try zapping termintes with electric tennis rackets. It’s a very fun thing to do, especially when they’re trying to nom on your father’s shed.)

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