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Halo 3: ODST Launch Event

September 22nd, 2009

Last night I had the pleasure of heading down the road to attend the ODST launch event held by Bungie and Microsoft at the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.

Upon entering, you were given a lanyard holding a spiffy card that simply stated ODST Launch Event. With lanyard in hand you were on your way.

There were two levels to this event, with the top being the gaming area. This entire room was booming with the sound of gunfire and was bathed in a green neon light, presumably representing the Xbox, though I could have sworn I saw a splash of red mixed in at times.

Lined against the walls were roughly 40 screens dedicated to a Firefight tournament, one being the biggest projection screen I’ve ever seen.

I want to play on THAT.

Adjacent to this, there was a little shop selling Halo gear. Mugs, shirts, Risk: Halo Edition, books, Master Chief bobble heads, etc.

A Halo mug, perhaps?

Since the event was taking place at the Experience Music Project/ Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, you were allowed to take a free tour through the Science Fiction part of the museum (the music portion was gated off, though I was able to see one of Michael Jackson’s shiny white gloves!) so we moseyed through that for a bit and saw some pretty sweet science fictiony-things from Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, Planet of the Apes, etc.

Anyway, the tour eventually led us to the bottom level of the event, where members of Bungie were doing signings and you could get your picture taken in front of a snazzy ODST poster. There was also a neighboring room where Bungie and 343 Industries were doing panels.

Unfortunately by this point I was dragging some serious ass as I had come straight from work to attend this momentous occasion. A guy pulling a mini carriage on his bike was giving “free’ rides back to the parking garage so I hopped on and ultimately went home.

Because of this, I missed out on autographs, a sneak peak of Halo Legends and Waypoint, a few panels (I already saw Bungie at PAX, so the panels weren?t a big deal), and some swag.

Besides missing out on almost everything the event had to offer (sad) it was still great, apparently I’m getting too old to be out and about all day (even sadder).

Although I never got hands on time, the game really looked impressive, and I forsee a purchase in my near future.




June 21st, 2012

Almost three years later and I’m bummed that I missed a LOT of what the event had to offer! No autographs for my yet-t0-be woman cave, no gaming, no panels, BAH! Oh well. I think Microsoft did something similiar with the launch of Halo: Reach but I wasn’t able to attend.

And that photo…this really WAS three years ago wasn’t it? ;)

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