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AC/DC Concert: Good music, puke and boobs

September 2nd, 2009

Monday night I attended the AC/DC Black Ice World Tour in Tacoma. Of course I can’t have a normal experience wherever I go, but luck was on my side as nothing TOO out of the ordinary happened–by my standards anyway.

The Good

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know too much about AC/DC, minus a brief history and my undeniable love for their music. The energy these guys had was through the roof. They ran, jumped and danced their way through the entire concert. Angus did a strip tease and made me laugh every time he pranced from one end of the stage to the other. From fire, cannons and enormous blow up dolls, the sound, lighting and pyrotechnics were amazing.

ROSIE! No, I wasn’t this close, but it was a better picture than any I took.

I want to be able to do the shit they’re doing when I’m that age. Say what you want about their music, but they put on a damn good show.

The Bad

One of the highlights of the night had to do with a very drunken individual. We’re sitting kitty corner from the stage, on bleachers, at the end of the row. This man and his daughter (my guess would be he was in his mid 50s and she was in her upper 20s) sit in the seats a row in front of us. He then proceeds to chant ‘AC/DC!’ except it comes out sounding like “Aysh Shee Dee Shee!”

It is at this point I realize he is way beyond hammered. This guy is putting his arms around EVERYONE, giving noogies, belching and spitting everywhere. His daughter only says “He doesn’t drink often!”

We, sitting a row up, find it comical and entertaining. I can’t say much for those sitting within arm distance. So anyway, the opening band shows up (I think their name was The Answer) and about 2 or 3 songs in I look over at the drunken fool and he is passed the fuck out, leaning against a stranger. When the stranger shoves him off, he then leans back against someone’s legs sitting next to me. The daughter catches whim of what’s happening and, like a good daughter, allows him to lean on her. A few songs later, everyone in the rows in front of him begin scrambling and crawling over each other.

The guy woke up and began puking on everyone below him.

It was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

After he was done, his daughter was trying to get him to get up and leave with her. He was refusing, and he was a pretty big guy so there wasn’t going to be any piggy-backing him out of there. Thankfully a few random guys each put an arm around him and drug him through the aisle, spreading puke everywhere. The cleanup crew came and sprayed bleach and cat litter everywhere and it was all good.

What a waste of a ticket.

And the Perky

For those in the nosebleed section, three huge screens were on display above the stage. During some songs, the camera would pan out to the audience and focus on a single person for a moment or two. This said person, upon seeing themselves on the big screen, generally blew kisses, wore a surprised look, gave the horns, etc. Amidst my rocking out, I happened to glance up at the screen and BAM was greeted with a shirt being yanked down and two huge tits (well six if you count all three screens) bouncing up and down. Ah yes. The cameraman had proceeded to track down Miss Chesticles in all her bra-less glory. I got a good laugh out of that, dunno about the other tens of thousands of people.

Good times and memories made as always.



April 16th, 2012

That was such an amazeballs concert! I can’t believe that was back in September 2009! I want to say I got the tickets as a birthday present…maybe. OH! Yeah! I think I got them for my 21st birthday. And to think I’m turning 24 next month…eggggh. I’m getting OLD! ;D

If those guys ever perform again I’m so going. Same with Metallica. Hands-down the best concerts I’ve ever been to! (Sorry Backstreet Boys!)



  1. Someone always has a great ‘Some guy puked on everyone at this concert last night…’ story. I saw Tool back in ’05–with two good friends–running a fever hovering around the 101.6 mark (at last check before heading to the venue). I was sick as a dog and thought it would be me puking before the night was out. As it happened, one of the guys I was with smoked way too much, and had one too many beers. I remember my friend Andy turning to me at one point, horns up, yelling “TOOL MAN!!!! FUCKING TOOL MAN!!!” I turned and looked at my other friend, Keith just in time to watch him puke on the floor at his feet and partially on the guy in front of him. I looked back at Andy and yelled “Keith puked man!”. He look at Keith. Looked at me. Threw the horns back up and screamed “TOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!”

    Amazing show. Memories burned forever in my brain.

  2. Dude… DUUUUUUDDEEE, if Metallica rolls through the States anytime soon, WE MUST GO TOGETHER. I have no local concert friends that would appreciate it and it would be so kickass to go with someone who knows their shit!

    Whaddaya say?

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