Britt Plays Outlast! (Part 1)

I finally decided to give this “Let’s Play!” thing a shot, and holy FUCK WHYYYYYYYYY did it have to be Outlast?! WHY. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. jdafdlakfjdkja I have never sweated so much whilst stationary in my entire life. You, my friends, are cruel bastards to recommend such a game.

Anyway, it was my first time [insert creepy face here] and there are definitely some improvements I can make:

  • Louder mic
  • HD video
  • Read notes/journal entries out loud or off camera
  • Include a post-game wrap up.

Despite the terrifying moments and feeling of dread, it was fun! Any feedback would be appreciated!



      • On a more technical note, what are you using to capture? I’ve been using Nvidia Shadowplay and it works well and is a lightweight program.

          • I started off using Xsplit, then I went to OBS. I finally settled on Shadowplay. I loved the vid btw. Just tweak your settings a bit for the next one :)

  1. This was amazing! I didn’t even recommend this game…but reactions were priceless!

    This makes me want to bust out my streaming equipment. I wish I could get back into streaming. Sorta need a PC before I could do that. Maybe I will get back on it….one of these days.

  2. OMG, your first Let’s Play Yay :D And it’s Outlast of all games, major freakin’ props!! . I must say, I loved your conversational style of commentary, damn I sincerely hope you make more.

    I see that you’ve already listed some good suggestions for improvements, But if you don’t mind a suggestion for a game I’ll throw mind into the hat: Life is Strange. Oh man how that would be cool to see.

  3. You are extremely heroic for keeping with it! The first jumpscare in the library I would have been gone lol. XD

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