Blueshell Condoms

A few weeks ago I posted a comic about BlueShell condoms…

…What, you didn’t know? They’re actually a thing that exists now. You can find them practically anywhere.


In fact, I’m pleased to announce that I, Brittney Brombacher, am the official sponsor of BlueShell Condoms.


Like Nintendo would ever approve that. But for serious, Camilla sent me the above photo and I had to share because A) I’m a pervert B) It made me chuckle and C) I someday wish to be able to create such photo modifications. For if I were to try to make my own mock-up box of Blue Shell condoms it would end up looking like a box with a liquefied Smurf on it.



  1. OMG, Cammy sent it!
    I got a sneak preview of this a while back. So awesome.
    Always gotta watch out for that ghonagoomba.

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