BioShock Under the Sea Parody

This morning, around, erm, 3 am I finished Bioshock Infinite and loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT (minus the ones I didn’t. Like when I died) so needless to say I’m sorta-kinda in a Bioshock mood, and what better to suit that mood than this Bioshock Under The Sea Parody?!

Unfortunately after watching this for the sixth time I was reminded as to why I stopped watching The Little Mermaid — that friggen’ tune is SO catchy and it will now be lingering in my brain for the next 72 hours. Oh well. At least it’s a better version of the original. ;D


  1. I finished Bioshock Infinite too! It was so good! I just wanted to figure out what was going on so I kept playing and playing. I was so sad when I finished. I didn’t want it to be over.

  2. This was awesome. Brilliant lyrics!

    Also finished Infinite last night. Now, I’m going to start by saying it was amazing, and reinforce that: Amazing.

    Now let me nitpick: I felt like the vigors were rather limited in choice- some are far, far more useful than others (like, Murder of Crows w/the dead body nest addition locks down entire armies of enemies, and possession is too good to NOT use with the salt cost reduced. Never saw a use for Bronco, Sender, and Undertow (except for a few times pushing firemen away or sending someone over a ledge). Devil’s Kiss and Shock Jockey didn’t seem to do tons of damage (granted, I don’t think I upgraded them much) but Jockey’s indefinite line of lightning nodes seemed to make it far more useful than Devil’s Kiss.

    Other thing, and this is probably because we were all expecting it after the original.. but without trying I knew the plot twists halfway through the game, so there was not much surprise. (I’m wondering if that’s because the topic discussed is something I’m enlightened in, whereas most people don’t know much about it.)

    The last nitpick was that I never felt the same tension/dread that I did in Bio 1. This felt like more of an action movie vs. a horror movie, to use an analogy.

    Still, amazing, sure enough. A great experience I’d feel majorly left out on if I hadn’t experienced it.

    • I hear ya! I usually used Possession, Murder of Crows or Shock Jockey, but mostly it was Murder of Crows! I didn’t feel like opening up my wheel every few second to choose a new vigor. I gotta write about Infinite!

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