Bioshock Infinite: False Shepherd


Oooh that’s pretty right there.

Y’know, I gotta admit I’m not super ecstatic over Bioshock Infinite’s release. Now, before you jump my shit let me explain. I think Bioshock Infinite is going to be a fan-fucking-tastic title and is going to blow a LOT of us away, and for that reason I’m excited. I had full intentions of picking up Infinite on day one, but the more and more I thought about it the more I realized I want to lose myself in a JRPG — not to mention I just recently finished Dishonored — and I can only take so much of that first person actiony-adventurey magic-y shoot ’em uppy before I tire on the genre and need something a little different to cleanse my palate…

…Whiiiich is why I recently started Lost Odyssey. (There goes 50 hours of my life.) Oh, and for shits I started another Harvest Moon: Back to Nature file. Yeah. It doesn’t get much more opposite than that. But like I said above, Infinite looks sexy as hell and I have no doubt it’s going to have a kickass story. When I eventually get around to it I promise to be obnoxious and ensure the entire world knows I’m playing.  <3.

But what about you? Are you excited for Infinite?

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  1. Yes, EXCITED! Can’t risk watching this trailer, as I’m in media spoiler lockdown until release. Interesting point about Dishonored… which gives me another excuse for keeping it in my long backlog. Someday I’ll catch up. My eyes are bigger than my thumbs!

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