Bayonetta Log #6: Another Curveball.

Yknow, for a millisecond I thought I had a pretty good idea where the story of Bayonetta was going. I thought Bayonetta would discover her past, her purpose, and be done with it. But now theres an effin child in the mix?! And its possibly hers?

I mean come on. Same red ribbon, same blue eyes, black hair...

Of couuuuurse.

So I saw this little kid running around last weekand thought she looked strikingly familiar to Bayonettabut I saw a lot more of her last night. The little girl, Cereza, was surrounded by four angles and Miss Bayonetta protected her by splitting her legs every which way and shooting the piss out of them. Now Im not sure if Bayonetta protected Cereza because she has a soul, or because that mysterious deep-voiced dude told her that the little girl was the key to her future. Anyway, ever since then Cereza has been calling Bayonetta mummy. Simply put, its fucking adorable. Other than that all I know is that her dad had told her to go wherever it was I found her. Later on, Bayonetta even told Luka (EEE!) to much protect Cereza or shed come back and pierce him with her shoes and forcibly have her way with him. She really didn’t say that. But she did threaten him.

I also fought this crazy big dude (I believe his name was Temperantia) which crazy big arms and a crazy big glowing core things that may or may not have reminded me of a womans sweet spot.

Yeah, I went there.

I dont know why I killed him or who he was in relevance to the story. I had Mexican food on my mind and wasnt paying much attention. Now I’m getting ready to start Chapter 7! Halfway there!

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