Bayonetta Log #4: I still don’t know what’s going on

Bayonetta…what the heck is going on in your story? All I know is that I’m still trying to figure out why you exist (or what your goal is) and, personally, I’d like to know how you shoot guns out of your feet.

Character updates:

Luka: He’s the son of the man who discovered Bayonetta’s coffin at the bottom of that lake 20 years ago. Bayonetta, upon being discovered, promptly killed that poor man. Luka, who was only a young boy at the time, witnessed what happened and screamed “FAAAAATHEEEEER!” (It gave me flashbacks to Steve Burnside in RE: Code Veronica.) Luka is pursuing Bayonetta for reasons unknown. Does he want revenge? Does he want something else from her? Does he want her body, baby? He made no mention of intent to harm her, but he did say that she couldn’t run/hide forever. He is adorable and stupid. I might end up wanting his babies.

Chick with white hair: In an confrontation, she told Bayonetta that she had forgotten her destiny. (Of course, said destiny wasn’t revealed because I think it’s sorta-kinda the point of the game to find out.) Bayonetta couldn’t remember jack shit, so she asked for a refresher course. A flashback ensued, during which white haired chick was awarded some spiffy new title and was given the option to fight someone of her choice (for whatever reason) and, of course, she chose Bayonetta—who happened to be in a nearby locked cell. The people around white haired chick were resistant at first, but Miss. Whitey said “Ohai we’ve fought before!” and we fought. I pwn’d her. Flashback ended. She and Bayonetta are Umbra witches. I think. Wtf.

I don’t exactly get the relationship between these two. Granted, not a heck of a lot has been told, however methinks they have some beef BUT they have the same ultimate goal. Or something. I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AND IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Other than that, I am still enjoying Bayonetta. I love the craziness of it all. I love the ass shots, I love the seductive way she speaks, I love lamp.

Now that I’ve set the difficulty to easy I’m hoping to whiz through more of the story.


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