Bayonetta Log #1: Ohai Sexy Woman!

Hmmm. What do I know about Bayonetta? I know that she can kick serious ass, has pistols in her shoes (or something like that) wears a suit made out of…hair? Is that right? I could have sworn I read somewhere that she somehow gets nekkid and her hair is her weapon? What the fuck am I typing?

Right. If you can’t tell by now, I know close to nothing about Bayonetta except the aforementioned tidbits, that the game was developed by Platinum and it was originally a clusterfuck on PS3. Also, I remember this game pissed a lot of women off.  ::eyeroll::

I’m playing Bayonetta because 1) I know nothing about it, and that always piques my interest 2) I’ve been watching a friend play Ninja Gaiden and I want to get in on the kick-ass actiony goodness 3) I own a Bayonetta replica and feel I should at least know what the eff it’s supposed to be and 4) I’ve um taken a picture with a Bayonetta cosplayer?

...does this count?


  1. I still have yet to play Bayonetta which is criminal because I love the crap out of action games.

    My 3D modeling teacher told me about something that bothers me to this day about the game. Bayonetta is something like 11 heads tall. She has insane proportions she has a tiny head and looong legs. I can’t unsee proportions that belong to a mannerist painting. I still want to play the game though because it still looks fun.

    you get 2 points for not getting your panties in a knot over the clearly chauvinistic agenda of the game (da beyotches need ta stay in da kitchen or fight demons nekkid?) 10 points and I cook you hotwings.

    • Hotwings? Marry me.

      But yeah, it’s so unrealistic I don’t see how a typical person could look at her character and be all “ZOMG SHE’S MISREPRESENTING US BLAHBLAHBLAH”. It’s comical.

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