Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life

It doesn’t matter how many of these Assassin’s Creed parkour videos I see; they always grasp my full attention and cause me to squirm in my computer chair as if I’m the one partaking in the grand of act of parkour. Which is an act I don’t think I’ll ever truly partake in. I have serious coordination issues. Seriously. People often think I’m drunk 24/7 because I can’t keep my balance even if I’m just simply standing.

ANYWAY! This video was super impressive, and I can’t fucking wait for Assassin’s Creed Unity, mostly in part to the co-op integration. I’ve enjoyed the past AC games I’ve played, but they’ve never held my attention long enough to complete a playthrough. But with co-op methinks I’ll be glued to the screen, playing this thing to the nitty-gritty end. (Erm, before you offer to join forces with yours truly, be warned I will be the worst assassin ever. Turns out my lack of coordination IRL translates to the video game world.)

Are you stoked for Assassin’s Creed Unity?!


  1. You know you COULD be like one of those Assassins, you just need to stumble in the right direction…. directions…

  2. I love these videos they really have a way of making me want to go out and run around. But then I quickly remember how much I despise running when I am done watching them. It is probably for the better that you stray away from learning to freerun in a state as wet as Washington, it would probably be a pretty painful learning curb- I mean curve.
    I actually love the Assassins Creed series but I have been feeling a bit burnt out on them after the playing through so many of them. I don’t blame you for not finishing one yet, they are surprisingly long games considering how frequently they release.

    • LOL. Fucking running, man. But yeah, I like to think I get a vicarious workout from watching those guys do their thing. You and I can just chill from the sidelines with our buttered popcorn.

  3. O man that is awesome!!!! Just another reason I am soooo glad for Vid Games. I could NEVER do that shit in real life. My knees explode just stepping off my bed in the morning………P.S. I just watched Video Games: The Movie(Amazing btw) and as the credits were rolling lo and behold who do I see? My Favorite Vid game blogger/NOW MOVIE STAR Brittney Brombacher spitting the truth about the origins of her LOVE for Vids. GRATZ Britt and keep up the good work. Us fans Luv ya and appreciate what you do!!!!!

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