Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix

AC Rising Phoenix

I AM STARTING TO LOSE TRACK. There’s Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Brotherhood…um, AC: 1-3…wasn’t there another one? Revelations, right? And that’s not even counting the Vita installment. ::throws arms up::  Fuh-get it.

In any case, the above image recently surfaced on All Games Beta, and you can take it for what you will.  Seeing as the branding on the bottom left reads “Ubisoft Digital Arts”, there’s a high possibility that this could be another AC film, seeing as that’s Ubisoft’s “cinema creation studio”.


As I’ve stated before I haven’t played through an AC game yet. And from a purely outsider’s POV, I feel like every time I turn around there’s a new installment being whipped up — and frankly it seems like it would be overwhelming —  so, if you’re a hardcore AC fan do you feel the same way? Or do you think the games are launching in a fair-paced manner?


  1. Only focusing on the console versions Would be the way to go. I have not played the odd ball ones so not sure if the story of those titles would be revelant to the console story. Ac revelations also coincided with a real life calendar date that happened “not wanting to give the plot out”. So it may have been rushed out for that. It’s a intresting storyline and worth checking out tho.

  2. Liberation (the Vita one) was actually very enjoyable. I preferred it over III. And the PSP ones were more interesting than 1. If you can’t tell, I am a fan of the series. I do, however think they might be starting to over do it. Black Flag looks pretty great, and they’ve been keeping the quality up for the most part, so I’ll keep playing them as long as the quality keeps up. The multiplayer is also the only one I actually enjoy.

  3. The one a year model is okay, but it’s too easy to get burned out on a series that way if it goes longer than a trilogy. For example, the way Microsoft alternated Halo and Gears was smart. Another one was Prince Of Persia, where they changed the style after 3. For the opposite, need I mention the Call Of Modern Battlefield Duties? Lo. AC is definitely getting stale fast though, and that’s such a shame

  4. I’m a big time AC fan and I’m pretty much good with one a year coming out, I’d probably even be fine with two a year if that was remotely possible. I’m big on history so these games are just tailor made for me, and I actually did like AC3 which a lot of people did not. I feel like Rising Phoenix can’t possibly be another game already, but knows, things in the gaming world seem to be getting wild lately.

  5. I’m a huge AC fan and I must say I would much rather not be able to keep up,than be waiting on a new release every 3 years. As long as the quality is there,gameplay and story wise, I see no reason why they shouldn’t release them accordingly.

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