1. I never really had an instance where I stayed up super duper late because I was trying to complete something hard, but I stayed up till 9am playing Ni No Kuni to beat that game, and I stayed up really late for The Last Of Us and Bioshock Infinite because I wanted to beat them in one sitting, the day the came out. xD

  2. Thanks for the answer! :) yeah I think we’re all guilty of failing at least one ice level in a Mario game so don’t feel bad…mines Mario 2.. I usually just get the rocket ship and skip it. Anyways, it’s “pass-kal-e-wag” for pronounciation. Lol i know weird name..combination of my last name “pascali” which is Italian and scalawag…it’s just some dumb name that made me laugh when I was in grade school and so it’s stuck with me.

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