Ask Britt Shit #8!

Oooh the energy is low with this one. LONG ISLANDS ARE NOT MY FRIEND. (But they really are. Ummfff)

If you want to send me a written letter, send it to:

Brittney Brombacher
PMB 203
3915 Martin Way E
Olympia WA 98506



  1. Omg, do you remember the pause music for battle toads?! STOMP CLAP STOMP CLAP STOMP CLAP CLAP CLAP. I used to piss off my cousin by pausing the game ALL the time!!! Lmao! Favorite system – mines tough just cuz of how little time I have to game, and how long I ditched gaming because I became so addicted to it. It’s a toss up between PS2 and wii u. Great video! The letters are fun, I might have to write you one.

  2. I never did play Toomba, sounds pretty fun though! I was to much of a Nintendo fanboy back then, so never owned a Playstation sadly. Thank you for answering my questions, can’t believe my letter was the first one!

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