Ask Britt Shit #2!

I love you guys. These questions get me all fired up in all of the right places. <3. ENJOY!

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  1. Just watched it and actually had a piece of pizza in one hand and cup of Jack in the other so awesome choice on Jack but you did get my name right cuz usually people say “Cock” “in” “ski” but it is “co””sin””ski” but good choice on which world. Me personally its more resident evil cuz I did grow up with that game but not a choice that i said would be Final Fantasy VIII. That is my favorite world of any.

  2. I love when you make youtube videos! When I first found your blog I hopped over to you channel and watched like seven vids in a row. Took me awhile to watch all the rest you had up at the time, but not having to wait for the next “new” one was great haha! Always awesome to see :)

  3. Get the house, send me pics, and I’ll let you know how envious I am.

    Assuming it’s not overfull by then. ;)


  4. I was going to buy 3-Day passes to ECCC Saturday but they sold out :/ Hopefully it won’t be as jam packed as last year though… That Friday opening line was RIDICULOUSNESS.

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