Ask Britt Shit #1

OHAI! This is a thing I’m doing now, where you can ask me questions and such. I know, I know. It’s such an original concept I’m quite surprised no one else has ever tried it before.

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WORDAGE. My eyes are like @____@ so I must take an early leave and begin my never-ending search for the best Mexican food in all of downtown Seattle.



  1. resident evil 6 was definitely not like the old games but i felt 6 was like a michael bay film loud and flashy not too much substance but mostly enjoyable. I know i did i was impressed each campaign was actually pretty long and as you mentioned leon’s campaign was close to RE 4 and chris’s and jake’s was the run and gun type.

  2. .-. about the link vs dante, i play DMC allot and just to say since dante has the devil trigger and all those guns and stuff there is no way in hell link would win plus dante can take a sword through the chest and pull it out like its nothing (DMC4) soooooo xD either way dante would murder link as he did mundas lol

  3. First, Kratos killed THE GODS….shotgun blast aint shit….between his godly skin and golde fleece, it would tickle at best.

  4. I haz some questions!! ^_^

    What are some of you fondest memories from all your gaming experiences?

    Growing up did you have many gaming friends that played your systems with you?

    And on a scale of Buttsex to AmazeBalls how excited are you that your Seahawks are in the SuperBowl?!

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