ARK: Survival Evolved Announced. DINOSAURS.

Open-world survival games are all the rage, aren’t they? I’ve dabbled a bit in The Forest, which admittedly is my only experience in open-world survivalness, but it was fun to live off the land and die a bunch with a friend. That’s what you do in these games, right? You die a lot.

Anyway, Studio Wildcard has announced their very own survival title, Ark: Survival Evolved, which places humans in a world with dinosaurs. Fucking amazing. Players will begin their, uh, tale of survival (I tried to be a bit dramatic there) nekkid on a beach. With nothing. Because you are nekkid. On a beach. There are 60 different dinosaur types to discover, and they can be hunted, tamed and ridden. I mean, I’ve always wanted to fly in the air via pterodactyl.

As with most survival titles, players can work with and against others. I, personally, think it would be rather rad to form a tribe, clan, whatever, and take down a Tyrannosaurus rex. After the hunt we can return to our roots and go streaking on the beach. WHO’S WITH ME?!

Ark: Survival Evolved’s Steam Early Access launches on June 2nd.  Studio Wildcard is hoping for a full release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2016.

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