Another Steam Controller Revamp!

First, we had this:


Then, we had this:


Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have — drum-roll please — THIS!

steam new::rubs beard:: The only difference I see is the addition of the analog stick, which appears to have replaced the d-pad-esque buttons. And hey, that’s cool — I dig it. After all, with every iteration, the Steam Controller appears more and more user friendly and not so…uh, weird. 

Valve recently delayed the launch of the Steam Controller from 2014 to 2015, so chances are we’ll see at least one more revamp before the launch.

Real talk: I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these things. I love Steam, but I don’t like being on a computer all damn day. It would be nice to bring some of those games downstairs into a room with comfy couches and big screen TVs. Also, ALIEN NIPPLES! (Althoooough I don’t see the infamous alien nipples in the bottom photo like I do in the first two…) 

D’ya fancy yourself a Steam Machine?


  1. I really hope they stick with the matte finish. Making anything you touch glossy is just a bad idea…

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