Another Resident Evil 2 Remake Makes Me Want Its Nuts

Can I get an “AMEN” for Invader Games? Kthnx.

It’s worth noting this footage is in alpha, and that dialogue, blood splatter, and other fine details are missing, but even so, one can appreciate the direction in which this is going. And hey, the original sound effects are in there! (That female zombie moan? Always gets me. Eeesh.)

Damn, damn damn damn. This is seriously some good shit, and I’ll readily admit I was a bit on-edge while watching the gameplay footage. Seriously. While watching Leon peruse the streets of Raccoon City in the safety of my office, a plastic, crushed empty old water bottle somehow “popped” itself behind me which caused an unexpected noise and I SHIT MY PANTS. (Not really, but I totally jumped.)

Unlike others, this remake¬†sounds like it’s actually gonna release for the peeps this summer.

I’m so down.

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