Another Goodwill Haul

Let me just say I found the motherload of Goodwills over the weekend. It’s somewhere in Seattle and that is all I know — and no, I’m not trying to keep the location of this Goodwill a secret; it’s just that my sense of direction in the real world utterly sucks (but I CAN tell you how to get from Kokiri Forest to Lake Hylia in a matter of seconds).

Why did I buy this? Your guess is as good as mine. It looked awesome. And I bet it is awesome. I'll never know.
What is a haul without guides?!
...and more guides...
...and, erm, even more guides.

Some tidbits: Project Gotham Racing is still in the shrink wrap, Suikoden Tactics didn’t come with the manual but it DOES have the bonus soundtrack and I, uh, bought that old Xbox controller because I don’t have one. I also turned down a $13 PS2 Slim because I already have one…or two.



    • But but but they’re different games! …Games I already own. WTF happened to my “I’m no longer buying duplicates!” motto?! /fail

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