Another BlondeNerd Interview With Myself



A young lad reached out in late July with a few interview questions, but they were never published because of something or another. So, I’ve had these sitting in my inbox for several weeks now wondering what to do with them — AND THEN IT DAWNED ON ME. I’d interview myself!


Bahaha, but for serious, I hope you enjoy. These are rather thought-provoking questions, so let me know yo’ opinions! <3

1. Do you feel that there is a difference between video game journalism and ordinary journalism? Elaborate. Obviously there are slight differences in every niche, but I think all journalism comes down to knowing that niche like the back of your hand and, well, reporting on it. Essentially, someone who covers, let’s say, politics, and someone who covers video games have the same job. Both attend conventions, both stay up-to-date with the news, both report the news, both openly talk about their thoughts and opinions regarding their industry, etc. Like I said above, the internal dynamics might differentiate from one another, but the end game is similar.
2. A professor of mine once said that video game journalists are “spoiled” journalists. Would you agree? HAHA. No. I mean, what we get to cover and report on is, in my opinion, the most entertaining shit in the world, but that doesn’t make us spoiled. I think a lot of people are sadly still under the misconception that video games are for children and children only, so when someone under that misconception hears that there’s a living out there to be made by covering video games, well…there you go. Send your professor to cover the entirety of E3 and see how “spoiled” he feels after.
3. What advice would you give someone looking to get into video game journalism? GET FREAKIN’ INVOLVED. Seriously, do whatever you can to ensure your voice is heard. Grow a YouTube channel. Start a Twitter account. Get a free blog up and running. Create a video game podcast. Attend conventions. Write, write, write and talk, talk talk. Network like you’ve never networked before.
4. When did you start BlondeNerd? Give a brief history on the site.  I started my very first blog — which was hosted on IGN — in June of 2009. At that time I was working a dead-end, pencil-pushing job along with others who were quite miserable, so as you can imagine the atmosphere didn’t quite bring about the warm ‘n fuzzies. I had always loved video games and the industry, and one day I found myself sitting on my couch and pondering life. I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere, and that I wasn’t working towards anything. So, I hopped off of my ass and wrote my first video game blog post. (I believe it was called “Just a Gaming Chick Venting” — YIKES!) Despite the quality (or lack thereof) it ignited a fire inside of me and before I knew it I was blogging every day
Eventually I grew a small audience and decided to host my OWN blog with my OWN domain and was born. That was in January of 2011!


  1. Man, only if this one in audio format. I could totally picture you answering a question you just asked yourself :D

  2. I love the photo that goes along with this article. How do you get your face to do that? It seems like that would take a superpower. Are you related to Reed Richards?

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