An OFFICIAL Resident Evil 2 Remake Is A Thing?! WHAT?!

Holy shit, so I go across the country for like four days and ALL OF THESE THINGS get announced that I want to talk about but then I look lame because I’m like four days late to the party. DON’T JUDGE ME SENPAI.

So, on July 29th this was a thing posted to the official Resident Evil Facebook page:


The response was overwhelmingly positive, which flooded my heart with love for humanity.

Soon after, this was also posted to the Resident Evil Facebook page:



GUYS. Now, admittedly I haven’t touched any of the recent Resident Evil remakes, but hot damn, if Resident Evil 2 is a thing that gets a remake I will shat my pants with excitement and excrement. I mean, Resident Evil 2 is THE game that solidified my weird-ass obsession with the undead, and is THE game that introduced me to one of my most favorite video game series — My Little Pony.

I kid. But seriously, had it not been for discovering Resident Evil 2 at the innocent age of 8, who knows where the series and I would stand today. Good shit.

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