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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come that, uh, has been a time that has needed to come for quite some time. You see, back in the day there were a few Dragon Age: Origin action figures that, like, were a thing for a short while but didn’t continue being a thing. Here’s a pic of ’em in my woman cave:


There were promises of an Alistair action figure, among others, but they never came to fruition. And mind you these bad boys came out  YEARS ago. Since then I’ve cried, weeped and sobbed every night. BUT NO MORE. Nay, for an Alistair action figure is now a thing that’s officially available on the BioWare Store for $150.00.

alistair hands
He even comes with extra hands. **SWOOOON**

Now, let’s be real here. I pre-ordered this within minutes of receiving BioWare’s PR. Clearly, there’s no way in HECK I would have NOT pre-ordered this. That said I can’t deny that Alistair’s face, in the pictures, looks a bit…off. Just a bit. But, like, it’s hard to capture perfection in statue form, right? In the end, I see a resemblance, and if I didn’t know this was Alistair I would know it was Alistair.

…Hmmm. I kiiind of hope his hair is a bit lighter in person. Will his clothes come off? ;D But seriously, I’ll hold any more reservations until it arrives sometime in Q3 2015.


  1. I’ve chosen to see his statue face as a sort of homage to his DA2 face, which was, franky, horrible. Thankfully they made face amends in DAI.

  2. Thats pretty sweet. So now with the extra hands you can arrange them appropriately and fulfill your dream’s and say “yes I finally got Alistair’s hands all over me!”

  3. Now you have plenty of time to set up an appropriate shrine to put him in your Woman Cave. Or…will he be in another room?…*awkward silence* ::looks away:: *cough*

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