An Important Britt Update

Something pretty awesome happened a few weeks ago and I regret that I’m just NOW getting around to “announcing” it. Remember that pencil pushing job I sometimes talked about? The one I disliked, the one that had absolutely nothing to do with videogames or general nerdom but it DID pay and offer benefits? Well, I voluntarily quit and my last day was on July 17th. Since then I have been busy networking, connecting, blogging and staying busy as hell. (And I mean b-u-s-y — I haven’t even fired up a console in two weeks. ACK!)

I can say with the sincerest form of sincerity that it was the best decision I have ever made.


Never fear! I’ve ensured I have all of my bases covered. I’ll have medical/dental insurance until I’m 26-years-old (for those of you who don’t know, I just turned 24 this May) and I have enough money stowed away to last me about a year. In that time, I hope to find/discover/fall into something AMAZING. I’m currently working on a side-project as a community manager (I’m not ready to reveal for what company it’s for, but I will say it’s not in the videogame industry) and I have a few ideas I want to explore, some of which I hope to share with you soon, but for now I just wanted to let you know what’s going on in Britt’s life. ;D

It’s an exciting new venture and I have a good feeling great things are soon to come.




  1. Hurray for being happy. Just marry Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, live off their money and help out in superheroing.

    Things like this make me wish I was a millionaire and could hire awesome people to play video games with me while paying them enough to live on

    • Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne…hmm…where can I find him? ;)

      Thanks dude! Someday I hope to be able to do the same!

  2. Good to see you making moves to pursue dreams. Given your drive, I’m sure you’ll be fine and land something spectacular.

    Now, play something. DO IT!

  3. go for it. im 27 i learned when i went on my own at 23 its hard. if you dont get some cash flow savings will dwindle eventually. Go for it. Dont end up like me broke and all.

    • Like no joke, I dont have a phone, I usually bum a phone from my room-mates , and get enough money to live day to day and pay rent. Not a lavish lifestyle. It will be hard it will be rough. But have some support and you will be just fine. End up doing something you enjoy.

  4. Soul searching is something everyone should do otherwise you can make yourself bitter due to a boring job

    • Ardaam is right. After going on my own I lost my personal contacts with industry so hard to get stable work now. Make some investements and a find a job you will enjoy. Do what you love. Just know it will be hard at times :)

      • My Bruce Wayne circa Batman Begins Wildman phase, gives me wisdom to share. I really should get rid of it.

  5. Wow! way to go for what you want. Man with the way you worked while you were still carrying a job there is no way you won’t make it. This is going to be really fun to see from the outside. I am going to shed a tear when I get to call someone a poser for being a fan of yours a year from now. “I read Blondenerd when she first started out, yer not a real fan!” Best of Luck to you Britt!

  6. Well done, Britt. I haven’t been a fan of yours for a really long time, but I’ve loved your posts and videos. That’s an incredibly ballsy move. One blogger I follow says we carry the answers within us, so I know there are great things in your future. Much respect.

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