Am I supposed to buy this Tomb Raider PS1?

Okay, so it’s not really a “Tomb Raider PS1”, but more like a PS1 with a Tomb Raider sticker on it.

But guys, every time I visit my local Goodwill I see this bad boy. I always have a glimmer of hope that it will have found a new home by my next visit, but alas, it’s always still there. I almost feel bad for it — like I should buy it and give it a loving home.

I just don’t know how the other five PS1s I own will take it.



      • I honestly don’t know if I’d rather gather dust or be fondled by strangers. I guess it depends who those strangers are. And then there’s the bonus of potentially being fondled by someone I know… ;)

  1. If you do decide to consider the purchase, blacklight that bad boy, first. What if the inside has a sticker for the nude code versions? :O

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