(Almost All) Of Link’s Death Animations

From the video:

“I have gathered every single Animation Link does as he dies in his game. Some games he has the same animation no matter how you die so I just choose a single way for him to die. In Wind waker, if you fall, drown, get burned, shocked or whatever, you will do the same animation. This goes for a lot of games as well. I stuck with the main series and no remakes except for Links Awakening DX which is the color version of the original.”

I mean, it’s not the happiest video in the world, but as someone ::puffs out chest:: who rarely dies in Zelda titles, I found this video quite interesting. Never had I realized how freakin’ morbid some of these death animations are – especially in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Dunno. I think it’s the half-eye thing that gets me. ::shudder::

I remember the first time I died in Ocarina of Time – it was actually during Master Quest, in the Deku Tree. I was TRAUMATIZED. Like, how ridiculous is that? After completing the entirety of Ocarina of Time without dying ONCE, I freakin’ die in the Deku Tree during Master Quest.

Fuckin’ Keese.


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