A Sly Cooper Movie is Happening!

I know I tend to be critical and a bit skeptical about most game-to-film adaptions, but when it comes to games like Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank and those other silly cartoon-y titles I have a much warmer and fuzzier feel towards ’em. Y’know, I sense a bright future and all that.

So yeah, I for one am very excited about the Sly movie, but, ahem, judging by the YouTube comments I think I’m the only one on this planet. Now, I’ve only played a few minutes here and there of Sly games so it’s not like I know what EVERY detail is supposed to look like or how EVERY voice is supposed to sound, but it sounds like those are the main things people are complaining about. Because this is the internet and nothing can ever be done right.

Main complaints:

  • Sly looks nothing like he does in the games
  • Designs (overall) look “like shit”
  • Murray is “horrible”
  • Sly’s voice is “stupid”

All we know about the plot is that it follows Sly and the gang as Sly learns information on his ancestry and stops Clockwerk from, uh, something. We don’t know what yet. GUESS WE WILL IN 2016 WHEN IT RELEASES! So…far…away… ;_____;

If you’re a clear-headed Sly fan, please tell me what you think of this trailer and if it’s going to cause you to lose sleep.


  1. Next they’ll announce a Jak & Daxter movie, then have the whole “The Avengers” thing going on with Sly, Ratchet and Jak. My thoughts… CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SHIT!

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