If you’re at SDCC, I know you’re probably swamped and up to your eyeballs in panels, shopping, people watching, etc. But, my friends, you have a prime opportunity. And by that, I mean you have a prime opportunity to do this Dragon Age fangirl an insane favor. 

I’m not gonna beat around the bush: Steve Valentine – voice of Alistair from the Dragon Age franchise – will be at the San Diego Comicon BioWare Base tomorrow at 4pm PST. I want a voice recording/video/whatever of Steve Valentine saying SOMETHING. Anything. ANY-FREAKIN-THING – as long as it involves me. “My name is Alistair and that BlondeNerd chick is crazy!” or “Brittney, I want your babies.” Hell, I’d even take “Brittney, get the hell away from me and learn to fall in love with a man who is, you know, real.” 

I literally cannot beg enough. If you can make this happen, I will do everything in my power to somehow return the favor. So, please, if you happen to be at SDCC and find yourself wondering what to do tomorrow, July 13th around 4:00 pm PST, maybe you could possibly sorta-kinda go the the BioWare Base and look for this guy?


 Hell, you can even show him this post to prove my craziness. STEVE!!! STEVE! IF YOU’RE READING THIS I WANT ALISTAIR’S BABIES! SEE?! LOOK AT MY DRAGON AGE SHRINE!!!









  1. Oh Britt if you manage to get your cell phone answering message to be of Alistair i think that would make your awesome nerdy little day XD

    best of luck at the con getting the guy to do a voice over XD

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