A Blue Shell Condom

HAHAHAHA. Oh, the things I could say….

What do you think is the probability Nintendo would ever release a string of sexual, erm, items? Think about it: Blue Shell Condoms! Red “Fire” Shell Condoms! Banana Peel “Slippery”¬†Lubricant!

“Honey, what’s a Goomba doing in bed with us?” “Oh baby you don’t even know.”

I’M JUST SAYING. It could make millions.

Thanks, Beez, for sending me this. It figures you would find something of the sort. PERVERT.



  1. HAHAHAHAHAH. WTF Britt. You and your pervy little head. well at least you girls finish first. they have those the desensitivity condoms. Nintendo could market them as Blue Shell Condoms lol coat the outside with trojan for her lubrication. Girls finish first.

  2. Best picture I’ve seen in a while. But this could totally happen if you kickstartet it. Eventually the box will say “Blue Shell Condoms is brought to you by BlondeNerd.com”

  3. Okay, now that’s funny…and frustratingly accurate; your race is over.

    Damn Blue Shells!!!

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