1. LOL look at you holding the super scope “right” ;P it was the other way britt xD
    But idk that game design book might come handy… or just read it to say i read a game design book LOL but nice Vidja games haul video :) and…. DBZ for Lyfe :D
    When I was a kid they gave Dragonball on the TV and when it was over…. guess what they played all of the episodes again :D Good times

  2. Heh heh toot, you are buzzed LuLz
    monkey rap =P
    Thats a whole bunch of shit
    ERGMARGERD You got a Bear Paw Controler.

    Ha you said awesome sauce. My slang words are rubbing off =P

  3. Meh. Console games are for kids. Real gamers are PC Gamers. Real broke that is. “WTF?! I just spent $80 freakin’ dollars on this game, and it STILL WON’T WORK!?!” *nerd rage*

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