80 New Pokémon Coming To Pokémon Go

Later this week (that’s as accurate as the Pokémon Go team got) more than 80 Pokémon from the Johto region are coming to Pokémon Go. <heavy breathing> thisisamazing </heavybreathing> Uh, there are also some new features coming, like new berries that slow down Pokémon and increase candy received, new wardrobes and new evolution mechanics. For all of the full details, head here.


ABOUT TIME, I SAY! /shakes cane manically while foaming at the mouth

GUYS. I played SO much Pokémon Go around the time of its buggy, flawed launch, and I had so, SO, SOOOOO much fun with the damn thing. Not only that, but I found myself outside more than ever, getting more exercise than I had in years and I met a ton of awesome people as I meandered through the city. (Thankfully I never stumbled across any corpses unlike a few of my fellow hunters.) I’d pull off midnight stakeouts at gyms. I’d host “evolution parties.” I also spent way more money than I ever intended, but hey. Worth it.

Nothin’ like hunting in Alaska.

Sadly, once the Pokémon pickin’s got slim, my fiery burning passion for Pokémon catching slowly fizzled out. Now? I haven’t touched the damn thing in months.

I’ve always said that as *soon* as more Pokémon are interrelated into the app I’ll pick it up again, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The new features are also welcomed – Pokémon Go, in my opinion, launched too early and unfortunately I think it lost a large portion of its potential audience because of that. Hopefully we’ll see some snazzy marketing – dare I say almost a reboot of sorts? – that will draw some of that lost crowd back.


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