I Geek’d Out Last Night

I don’t watch a lot of television. But out of the few shows I do watch, True Blood is my absolute favorite ‘cuz it has it all; beautiful people, sex, violence, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches…what else could you want, amirite? 

Anyway, the season four premiere aired last night. It was amazing and I want to do beautiful, illegal things to Eric Northman. I also want to do beautiful and illegal things to Matt the Fangbanger…and yes, I realize if you don’t watch True Blood you have no idea who or what I’m talking about.  So, I’ll show you pictures.

This is Eric Northman:


And this is Matt the Fangbanger:  

Got it? Goooood. 

While on Twitter last night I found Randy Wayne’s account, who happens to be the actor who plays Matt. So, like any other normal stalker I sent him a tweet declaring my undying love for him. Okay, I kid. I really said “I <3’d you in True Blood!” 

Now guys, I’m not the kind of chick to geek out over something non-videogame related. But when I saw this I geeked out to the max:


He…he called me 5091! THAT’S IT! MY NAME IS NO LONGER BRITT; IT’S 5091!

 5091 out.


  1. Alright 5091 now you just gotta work yourself into confessing your undying love. This was a good first step. second step is the undying love. third step ???. Fourth step profit…
    yeah I went for the easy joke.
    one of the most fun parts about twitter is being able to communicate with people who you think are awesome but would otherwise would have no way of talking too. Also so you can squee in private

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