2 Ninjas, A Blonde Nerd And Boob Physics

I recently joined the guys from The Ninjaverse for their 22nd episode of awesomeness. Unfortunately I was stuck recording in my sweltering, 90 degree woman cave (Seattle was in the middle of a heat wave) and my computer ultimately overheated and crapped out on me. But that’s not until the 50-ish minute mark, so make sure you give the podcast a listen! We talked about boobs. <3.

If you have any open slots on your podcast and are looking for a guest, shoot me an email (Britt@BlondeNerd.com) and I’d love to join you!

This week we have a very special guest Brittney Brombacher… well at least for the first fifty two minutes of the show. Let me explain: Seattle (where Britt lives) is in the middle of a heatwave and she has no air conditioning and her computer overheated. We’ll have her on again in the future but lets see what we talked about this week. This week we talked about the interesting way Team Ninja worked on the “physics” of Dead or Alive 5, our Deadlight discussion (that we were supposed to talk about last week), Borderlands 2 stupidly controversial new mode, Gearbox Gamers Day and another gamer story that gives gamers a bad name.

As always you can follow us on Twitter (@halfazedninja@s3prototype and @theninjaverse) and you can find The Ninjaverse on iTunes, Stitcher, FacebookCafe PressTumblr and the Ultness site! You can also send us an email at theninjaverse@gmail.com. Our intro music Dynamite Punch done by Mark Dago (@markdagomarkdago.bandcamp.com) off of the free download Kill Screen. Listen and Enjoy!


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