2-Hour Resident Evil VII KNIFE ONLY Speedrun WTF

Watch live video from Nasty_Nate_86 on www.twitch.tv

I’m not a religious woman, but if I were, I’m pretty sure I’d add this guy to the gaggle of “higher-ups” I’d worship. (Right next to BioWare, Shigeru Miyamoto, the person who invented buffalo sauce, etc.)

Having played through Resident Evil VII twice now, I more than appreciate the sheer badassery this dude, like, emits from his soul. Seriously, this is more than impressive, and I’m MORE than entranced from watching him move with such fluidity. It’s mesmerizing. Althoooouugh how he manages to not shit his pants is beyond me. Wielding nothing but a knife would make me shit at every turn. Eesh. Talk about anxiety. (For the record, I felt the most safe when I had my shotgun and, like, 30 rounds.)

If you haven’t played Resident Evil VII yet – DON’T WATCH THE ABOVE VIDEO SILLYHEADS. The entire game is in there! But in case you’re curious, here’s my spoiler-free review: (SHAMELESS PROMO FTW)(Are people still saying FTW? Or is that severely outdated? jk. i know the answer.)


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