HOLY BALLS: Nintendo World Championship Cart is $$$$

rare game

A few days ago I implored everyone to NOT buy this uber-rare NES cart because I’m 98.347% convinced it’s the video game version of the VHS from The Ring. A bunch of you thought it was my way of clearing out the competition. WELL EXCUSE ME FOR CARING ABOUT YOUR LIVES.

Well, clearly my warning was not heeded because since then the price for this thing has jumped up to $98,000 on ebay. Sure, it’s a Nintendo World Championship cartridge (or NWC if you’re a cool kid) and that’s all rare and good but but but but DUDEBROS AND DUDESISTERS. That’s, like, almost a hundred thousand bucks. I…I can’t compute. I mean if I had this in my collection, sure, I’d be the happiest motherfucker on this planet, but there’s no way in HFIL (DBZ reference, anyone?) I’d spend that kind of money on it.

Well, unless I was filthy rich and my pockets were overflowing with gil. Then I might. Yeah, actually I’m pretty sure I would.



  1. Outside of very wealthy collectors, there are people and establishments that always try to buy these carts for museum and preservation purposes.

    • Oooh right. That thought passed through that lump of tissue I can a brain. I’m curious if we’ll find out!

  2. Wow!!!!! This Is hella retarded!! Yesterday it was at 5k! What is wrong with people! Its almost up to 100k!!!!

  3. How in the actual hell can you WHAT game you’re supposedly getting? AND WHO SPENDS ALMOST A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ON A CARTRIDGE WITH NO LABEL?!?!?

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