“Britt, Where Has Yo’ Ass Been?”

OHAI! You may remember me. Im typically known for running this website, on which I regularly post about videogames, hot wings and all things Dragon Age and/or Alistair. Does that ring a bell? Goooood. Lets hug. Now, its been bugging the Makers knickers out of me (there I go with the Dragon Age references) that I havent updated my site in over a week. This website is my baby, and if I dont update it regularly it begins to eat at my soul — kind of like how the Darkspawn slowly shroud Ferelden with their clouding, black demonic aura. (There I go again.) So I figured itd only be fair if I told yall what Ive doing with my time. And Im going to assume you care. Because I care about you. <3.

(I must admit this is the first time Ive pounded on the keyboard in a while, unless you want to count those I-sound-like-I-have-a-stick-up-my-ass emails for my job I have to compose every day. SO LET ME TELL YOU, it feels fan-fucking-tastical to be writing right now without government guidelines. It. Feels. So. Good. Seriously, this feels amazing. My fingertips are having sex right now.)

I guess theres no real way to write this post without it sounding like the underlying issue is poor time management —which it kind of is, but all in all Ive just been busy with the daily grind. You know how it is: wake up at 7 am, get home around 7 pm, grab a bite to eat, try to unwind for a bit, do some minor stuff around the house, play some videogames, exercise (or not) BLAMMO! Its suddenly midnight and youve gotten nothing done. And by that time Im so mentally drained that the probability of producing anything close to articulate for this website is about 3.5%.

So while I wish I could say Ive been busy travelling the world or crafting an IRL Alistair love doll, I can’t. :(

But all is not sad panda! In fact, I have some exciting ish coming upLIIIIIKEIM GOING TO PUERTO VALLARTA IN JANUARY!!!! <3333333 My Mexico cherry will officially be popped (the one hour I spent in Tijuana when I was 15 doesnt count) and from the sounds of it, its going to be one of those lets be lazy bastards and lounge around all week kind of vacations. Fuck. Yes.

Other things Im super pumped about:

  • Next week is also Thanksgiving, which means good food and BLACK FRIDAY. Which also means waking up super early and watching the crazies plow each other for good deals on televisions and such.
  • A little game called Skyward Sword. Perhaps youve heard of it?
  • Im taking another mini-vacay down to Oregon in a few weeks. While Im there I fully intend on spitting on the ground. Ill think of it as revenge for the Huskies, who got their asses spanked during the football game.
  • I cant wait to get my Youtube channel going again. I have so many things to show you!

All that being said, Im hoping things start to slow down so I can get back to posting a few times a day. That would be sex. <3.

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