zombie slippers

I think I’m unhealthily obsessed with these slippers. But, like…LOOK AT THEM! I have freakin’ zombies nom’nomin’ on my freakin’ feet! And the best, I repeat, the BEST part are the eyeballs that dangle around when I walk. Oh! And don’t forget about the brains popping out. Squee! I’m really excited about walking through my apartment lobby whilst wearing these. I want to see people be like, “DUDEBRO, your slippers are the bee’s knees!” To which I will reply, “No, they’re the ZOMBIE’S EYEBALLS!”

Ahem. I may or may not be suffering from a lack of sleep, which may or may not be due to construction that happens LITERALLY across the street EVERY MORNING from 10:00 am to 7:00 am. DAMN YOU SEATTLE CONSTRUCTION! /shakes fist

I have an urge to play Dragon Age. Is that weird?

Sleep. I definitely need sleep.

While I dedicate myself to slumber, check out these brain-eating slippers at ThinkGeek if they are things you’re interested in!


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