My Living Situation. HNGH.

I really dig my new place. Er, I can still call it new, right? I’ve only been here for three or so months and haven’t even moved everything in yet. So, yes, this place is relatively new and I happily dwell in it. That being said, I, um, well…came to the realization that, uh, I have to move next June.

I’m about to tell you the reason, BUT YOU CAN’T LAUGH AT ME.

Ahem. The reason I must remove myself from my current habitat is because I do not have enough room within to proudly display my video game paraphernalia. That’s right. I am moving because my video game collection is too large and my current apartment is too small.

So, yeah.

It sucks, you guys! I mean, sure, for being a brand-new apartment complex it has its issues (warping floors, jerry-rigged dishwashers, etc) but the location is superb (right smack downtown) and the amenities are a thing that kicks major ass. But I have to prioritize my vidjagames over everything else, and seeing as how this complex doesn’t much larger floorplans, I must take my leave.

This means in a few months I’ll be house hunting — EEK, but I’ll be renting, so it’s not a HUGE deal — and the number one thing I’ll be keeping an eye out for is a large enough room for ALL OF THE THINGS. I have to start looking early, because even though lease is up in June, I have a European cruse in May, and two days after my cruise ends I fly to LA for a week of E3 shenanigans, aaand by the time I get back my lease will expire in a few days.

I suppose this is a good time to prepare yourself for future bitching posts about moving.

BAHAHAHAHAHA. I never thought I’d literally have to move because I have too much shit. Like, that’s a bit extreme isn’t it? O__O

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