Win a Barstow hat signed by the crew of We’re Alive!!! – WINNER!!!


Unfortunately, I have no way of contacting you Mr. Tony Manchen (WHARE IZ UR EMAIL ADDY?!), so I’ll give you a day or two to respond! Shoot me an email to Britt @ and I’ll get you hooked up.

If Tony doesn’t respond I’ll select another winner 🙂

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Want something AWESOME? Something that, uh, was supposed to be given away at the We’re Alive live event last month but I forgot it backstage?

A-HA! I knew you would!

What you’re looking at, ladies and gentlemen, is a Barstow Aztecs Pride hat signed by the We’re Alive cast members present at the We’re Alive live reading.  Now, if you’re unsure as to WHY a Barstow hat is relevant to your We’re Alive interests, I’m going to assume you’re not entirely caught up with the series in which case I’m just going to tell you that you want the hat anyway.

If this is something you’d like in your collection, leave me a comment below! What is in the comment is irrelevant, but bonus points if you tell me your favorite We’re Alive character! (Or if you tell me I’m a way better We’re Not Dead host than Nikvoodoo ever will be.)

…WHAT? I DON’T HAVE LICE. Don’t judge me. My hair is pure and clean — just like that of Scratch’s heart. ;D

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