Video Game Love Song

Let's take a moment and fawn over Lan because she is adorable beyond woooooorrrrdsssssss. ;_____; Lan reached out to me with her oh-so-catchy love song, and I asked her to tell us a little bit about herself.
I'm a singer/songwriter from Washington DC.  For most of my childhood, I grew up playing the original NES Nintendo system with my older brother and my favorite games were Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Contra. I wrote "Video Game Love Song" a few months ago when I was just getting back into dating. I would always tell guys I don't like playing games and then I thought...unless they're video games.  And that's how the song came about.  I continued on with "I could be your Chun Li" and definitely wanted to include the Konami code. The day I finished writing the song, I went out to open mic night to perform it and received an overwhelming positive response from the crowd.  I realized part of this was because guys and girls of all ages LOVE video games.  A few weeks later I met my boyfriend who happens to be a filmmaker.  He directed the music video and plays my on (and offscreen) Ryu.
MAKE MORE, LAN! Do it for the children. Or something.
  • Abraham

    The guy dancing at 1:29 just made me laugh.